Author: coolgeekstuff

3d designer that specialize in vechicle and environment design. I love anime since 1990's so very much old school. I also love games to the point that i create my own. I'm currently doing my Msc Computer animation technology. This is just my way of connecting to people with same passion.

Welcome to Dan’s Homepage


Welcome to the homepage of AnimePlusGames, which is also known as Dan’s Homepage.

little about me:

I have a major passion and love for computer games. Where in my free time, I develop my own games using Unreal engine or Unity depending on the personal project and I have recently finished 3 mini games and working on a larger scale project at the moment. When I’m not doing digital strategy during my day job.

I love learning and developing my different skills sets and hope for a chance to work on any AAA title. In the process of currently working on a title which is set for launch in May.