Game Projects

Blink Space:

Blink Space is a game I am currently developing within the Unreal Engine using 3ds Max and Photoshop to create a variety of different assets.

I have taken a few screen shots to show an example of some of it development so far. This is a project I am using to advance my knowledge of the Unreal engine and it development.





I have also created a mobile app which is currently on the Google Play store, the link can be found below:

The main element I was testing here was Unreal Engine 2D graphic design ability to be be compressed down to 50mb. The test turned out well and gain way to BlinkSpace.


feature graphic

JPRG: Age of Darkness

The Age of Darkness is a 3 hour long JRPG with 4 dungeons and 25 side quests. The main element of the game is to enable the user to freely move around the game with out game mechanic restrictions with the enemies becoming harder deeper you go into the game. This encourages the free roaming aspect as well of secondary side quests.

The lack of information in regards to map and direction is to enable the concept of whether the character is going in the right direction.

This has become popular with such games as Dark Souls.


age of darkness-title screen


age of darkness - Start

age of darkness-dungeon start

age of darkness-end dungeon example


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